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The perfect strategic ally to solve your needs in real time with the best technology.

ExpertLink is connecting to evolve!

ExpertLink is the Boston Scientific and BeyondCare solution that understands the needs of each client and positions itself as an expert ally of healthcare organizations in Latin America.

You can access technological tools with multiple remote implementation capabilities and reliable real-time advice to generate an interactive, agile and effective experience that helps solve day-to-day medical challenges.

Learn about our great benefits:

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Technological tools with multiple implementation capabilities.

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Advice and education on each tool.

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Practicality and usability of the technologies.

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Simple and interactive user experience.

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Remote support from anywhere in the world.

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of experience in the market.

+ of 200

physicians use our solution.

+ of 2,000

healthcare entities in more than 8 different countries.

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At EXPERTLINK we are committed to innovation to continue providing the best technology and reliable advice in real time, generating an interactive, agile and effective experience that helps solve the day-to-day challenges in the healthcare ecosystem.

Learn about the technological tools that are transforming medicine:

Clinical Eye


Smart Code technology - The eyes of an ally.
It is a high-capacity remote form technology tool that features wide field vision through audio and video, which can transmit and share images and voice command to be with you at all times.

Get accuracy to cut distances, practicality and good performance as an interactive remote support for audio and real-time image programming.


Help Lightning™

Augmented Reality - Virtual Medical Hand.
Remote support through augmented reality via mobile devices or tablets.

Immersive experience that allows to merge the virtual space with the real one providing practicality and efficiency when solving complex medical situations.

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Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality viewer to live new experiences and transport you to other places to learn in an innovative way, observing clinical cases in 360° format.

Training and educational videos on clinical case studies in an interactive way 100% remote from anywhere in Latin America.


Intouch Mini™

Internet of Things - Your virtual operating room.
It is a high-tech tool that allows visualization and monitoring of the professional's technique or procedure in the operating room.

It contains display system, integrated microphone and high resolution camera to transmit video calls, video and images remotely.

Implement our technological tools in the field where you need them most:

Our allied institutions (educational hospitals) will be able to offer a better and more effective educational experience through our different technologies:

● Virtual reality for training your medical team.

● ClinicalEye™ to better convey your cases to students.

● Intouch to make the most of educational content in the region.

We create a virtual space for thousands of healthcare professionals to search and find new colleagues to connect and discuss cases or generate learning by sharing experiences.

You can propose the creation of communities where you have ClinicalEye, Intouch or virtual reality so that more colleagues can connect to surgeries to learn and share cases at the click of a button.

Hospitals sometimes have difficulty seeing patients remotely because specialists are located in large cities.

You can use InTouch or ClinicalEye technology for teleconsultation, so the hospital can see more patients remotely and diagnose them for further treatment needed.

Here you can use the entire portfolio of services to create a different proposal for your medical organization.

Our medical institutions that want to differentiate themselves, can improve their operations and processes to work in a different, more optimized and efficient way through technological tools with multiple implementation capabilities, advice and support.