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A New Gateway to Healthcare.

Boston Scientific and its financial partners introduce LEAP+, a unique solution for accessing the best medical treatments

The priority, is health, at all times. Be part of the network of more than 200 physicians, 20 hospitals in 3 countries, with more than 950 patients who have already accessed their medical treatments easily and quickly. Enjoy personalized attention, payment options and the quality always provided by Boston Scientific.

Access the financial solution for medical treatments in a simple way. Not sure how? This is how it works:

If you are a PATIENT, LEAP+ connects you with a wide network of high-quality physicians, hospitals and clinics, offering you financial solutions tailored to your needs so that you can access the best medical treatments available.

If you are in Mexico,
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If you are a HEALTHCARE PROVIDER, LEAP+ offers the ability to treat more patients with solutions that integrate with current medical processes and procedures.

If you are in Mexico,
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Enjoy the benefits that LEAP+ offers